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A Day in the Life of A TikToker Who Makes $2 Million A Year

A Day in the Life of A TikToker Who Makes $2 Million A Year (She Works Only 4 Hours A Day)

Kath Norton is a 29 year who runs a channel, Miss Excel on Tiktok.

She started the channel in 2020, and 2 years later, she’s making $2 million a year.

Here’s how it all started:

June 2020, she posted her first-ever video on Tiktok. It was a 14 seconds video of her sharing some basic excel tips.

In a few weeks, the video went viral and she gained 100,000 followers. And in November of that year, she started selling an online Excel course on her website.

In two months, her income grew more than her monthly paycheck as a full-time management consultant. So she quit her suit and tie to become a TikTok queen.

She created nine more courses that taught different career skills and in October 2021, she made $100,000 in sales in just one day.

“Today at 29, I’ve built Miss Excel into a business that generates more than $ 2 million a year.” Kat Norton.

In April 2022. Her boyfriend, Mike, was her strongest motivation. He quit his job and became her chief financial officer and vice president of sales.


A Day in The Life of Kath Norton


Kath Norton prioritizes personal wellness in the morning. 

At 7:00a.m, her boyfriend, parents and some members of the Miss Excel community join her for meditation. After meditation, she and Mike make breakfast together and plan the day on the balcony with a coffee. 

During the day, they meet for a quick swim and sauna session at their house and get ready for work with Mike.

She works three to four hours a day in the comfort of her house which is equipped with fast WiFi, an office and a content recording studio.

Kath is not always on camera every day of the week. On Mondays, she does creative activities. Like setting goals and brainstorming business strategies and content ideas.

On Tuesdays, Filming content, editing social media posts and hosting 60 minutes Excel training for her corporate partners.

She ensures to take breaks in between tasks to reset herself.

According to her, being in nature keeps her grounded, calm and creative. so by 3:00 pm, she and Mike go for a hike or ride on their four-wheeler.

After their outdoor activities, they eat dinner.

They love trying new recipes at home or going to local restaurants.

Vespa is their favourite spot. It’s an Italian cafe in Sedona, Arizona. 

They will later read or watch documentaries. Mindset, meditation, energetics and quantum physics are some of her favourites.

 9 p.m., they are off to bed.

“Her business has helped her live her dream life” Asserted Kat Norton.

She and Mike could travel around the world together. They bought their first dream house in Sedona Arizona March 2022 with the money Kat Norton made from Miss Excel with the help of her boyfriend.


Finally, Her Words for Aspiring Creators


When Kat was asked what advice would she give aspiring creators, here are her words:

“If you are on the fence about starting your dream side hustle, I encourage you to leap. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but you’ll never know until you try”