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Apply for a Graduate Remote Internship 2024 – Virtual Recruitment List



Graduate Remote Internship 2024 – Virtual Recruitment List

Are you a recent graduate or undergraduate eager to initiate your career through an internship at a major corporation?

Acquiring work experience as a fresh graduate plays a crucial role in launching your career. The sooner you integrate work experience into your CV, the more advantageous it is. Consequently, internships have evolved into a vital tool for graduates to set themselves apart.

In this article, we present a range of remote internship opportunities tailored for graduates across prominent corporations, companies, and industries of your preference.


Internships serve as a valuable form of work experience, enabling individuals to acquire knowledge within a specific industry. They provide an opportunity for hands-on experience in the chosen field, contributing to skill development and professional growth.

Understanding the significance of internships can aid in expanding one’s professional network and accumulating practical work experience. Many candidates encounter challenges in securing on-site internships, often due to factors such as geographical distance and time constraints.

The advent of virtual or remote internships has alleviated these challenges, offering candidates worldwide the flexibility to gain experience at their convenience. Proficiency in working with technology, project management tools, and enhancing productivity skills has become increasingly essential in today’s professional landscape.


Compilation of Virtual/Remote Internship Opportunities

Explore a variety of graduate remote internships offered by leading companies aiming to support graduates in excelling within their chosen fields:

  • General Electric: Human Resources Internship Program

At GE, this program allows you to delve into Human Resources through a rotation of three learning challenges and practical tasks, mirroring the experience of being on the HR Leadership Program (HRLP). The GE HRLP serves as a robust platform for cultivating HR leadership talent across the organization. Team members have the chance to make a significant impact on the world through strategic leadership, organizational design, people analytics, talent management, career coaching, and leadership development.

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Citi Bank Virtual Internship

Citi Bank is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive opportunities for learning and development. As an integral component of this commitment, we have created the Citi APAC Investment Banking Virtual Reality Intern Experience, aiming to empower you with the skills and confidence needed to embark on a rewarding career with us!

This initiative is designed to provide you with insights into the complex challenges that Citi addresses on a daily basis, offering a firsthand experience of the issues we navigate.




Visa Graduate Internship

Embark on the Visa Token Service Technology Virtual Experience Program:

This initiative provides you with the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the role of a Visa team member, engaging in tasks that mirror the daily responsibilities of our software development team. Throughout the program, you will grasp the intricacies of validating incoming Visa transaction requests and gain insights into how Visa APIs effectively address various challenges faced by cardholders.





Deloitte Virtual Internship Program

Cyber technology, forensic investigations, data analytics, platform engineering and code. Intrigued? See what you could do with your degree at Deloitte!  We call ourselves a professional services firm – but really, we’re a group of inspired individuals tackling the biggest challenges facing Australia today.




KPMG Virtual Internship Program

KPMG Tax Virtual Experience Program:

The Program will enable you to experience the commercial situations that KPMG client service teams deal with in delivering superior service to their clients.





PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Virtual Internship Program

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC):

In this program, people move from zero to digital hero. PwC is upskilling 284,000 people because the right digital skills make us agile, adaptable and fit for the future.

We use powerful Data Analytics tools to help solve business problems for our clients. Learning to master Power BI is a good first step. By empowering you to identify patterns, risks and opportunities in data, you will work more efficiently. You will be able to clearly visualise the value of data and turn it into convincing, actionable insights.





KPMG Data Analytics Virtual Experience Program

In this online program, you will get to complete similar work that our Graduates do at KPMG. You will learn what it is like working at one of the world’s best data analytics team, and build skills required to excel as a analytics consultant.





JP Morgan Chase Remote Internship

JP Morgan Chase: We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to explore life as a commercial banker at JPMorgan Chase and obtain valuable financial skills required to drive your career in the direction you want it to go.

Throughout this virtual experience, you’ll learn what it takes to be a commercial banker at JPMorgan Chase. You’ll familiarize yourself with the types of tasks that our commercial bankers deliver for clients day in and day out and you’ll build the skills to set you up for success in your career in commercial banking at the firm.


Note that these internship opportunities are free. Typically, internships are just temporary. They need less time and effort than full-time employment. However, they are without a doubt a fantastic use of your time.

As a result, they’re ideal chances for you to consider your options. You should have a rewarding job, after all. If necessary, you can apply for internship positions in many but comparable firms of your choice to increase your chances of getting a job with much internship experience.