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Apply for Olam Agri Future Leaders Program (FLP) – Business AFP 2024



Olam Agri Future Leaders Program (FLP) – Business AFP 2024

Job Title: Future Leaders Program (FLP) – Business AFP

Location: Nigeria

Olam Agri stands as a preeminent and distinctive agri-business specializing in food, feed, and fiber. With a global origination footprint, extensive processing capabilities, and a profound comprehension of market requirements developed over 33 years, Olam Agri is a market leader.

The company has established a robust presence in high-growth emerging markets, offering a diverse range of products spanning grains & oilseeds, animal feed & protein, rice, edible oils, specialty grains & seeds, cotton, wood products, rubber, and commodity financial services.

Olam Agri is at the heart of global food and agri-trade flows with more than 40 million MT in volume traded annually. Focused on transforming food, feed and fiber for a more sustainable future, it aims at creating value for customers, enabling farming communities to prosper sustainably, and strive for a food-secure future.


Job Description

  • The Future Leaders program is a tailored developmental journey meticulously designed to uncover your potential within your business or functional stream.
  • From day one, it immerses you in the operations, ensuring a relevant, practical, and hands-on learning experience as you collaborate with experts in the field.
  • Upon selection, the successful candidate becomes a part of Olam’s global Future Leaders management program, offering structured learning across various modules encompassing Business Management, Supply Chain, and Operational roles in diverse global locations.

The program unfolds in two distinct phases:

Phase I Corporate Onboarding:

This serves as a learning zone, providing formal exposure to all facets of the business. It accelerates your understanding of the Olam way of conducting business, outlining who we are, what we do, and our operational approach.

Phase II Field Rotations & Business Unit Rotations:

This phase involves hands-on exposure to different business models and geographies. Mentored by a senior leader, it is designed to expedite your knowledge of the business or function. You will be placed in a potential role with clearly defined responsibilities, closely guided by a senior leader, and supported by an HR Partner throughout this immersive phase.


Key Responsibilities of a Branch Manager:

  • Design, implement, and oversee the strategy for the product within the country, collaborating with respective teams to achieve volume targets outlined in the overall business plan.
  • Optimize the utilization of processing and quality resources in the country, ensuring maximum capacity utilization, operational efficiencies, and minimizing controllable and non-controllable losses.
  • Foster high motivational levels within the team, aligning them with the overarching product strategy in the country.
  • Assist the business head in making informed trading and positional decisions by providing timely and relevant market information.
  • Engage with regulatory bodies to secure necessary permissions and approvals.
  • Facilitate capability building among local staff.
  • Support the implementation of required infrastructure to meet volume targets set in the business plan.
  • Manage and support aspects such as Credit Exposure, Pricing Strategies, Forwards/Futures/Hedging, and working capital management.


  • Credentials and experience are important at Olam. We seek post-graduate qualifications from Leading schools globally with 2-3 years of experience in Business Management, supply chain & operations
  • Mobility is important. A career in Olam is strengthened with multi-location experience including emerging economies.

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