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Blakskill and She Leads Africa 1,500 Job Placement Program for Female Nigerian Youths

Blakskill and She Leads Africa 1,500 Job Placement Program 2024 for Female Nigerian Youths



Blakskill Limited and She Leads Africa (SLA) have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at empowering female youth in Nigeria through the SLA Level Up Program, offering job placement opportunities.

The partnership’s objective is to train 1,500 Nigerian female youths aged between 18 and 35, with a focus on facilitating employment opportunities. The initiative aims to achieve favorable employment outcomes by effectively sourcing, screening, and matching young female graduates with suitable job placements.

Additionally, the collaboration seeks to connect talented individuals with global job opportunities available within the Blakskill platform, enhancing their access to diverse employment options.

Olugbenga Omojola, CEO at Blakskill Limited, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting its potential to empower Nigerian female youths and address their challenges in accessing job opportunities. He emphasized the aim to contribute to building a more inclusive job market in Nigeria.

Adeola Tobi, COO at She Leads Africa, emphasized the collaborative effort’s significance in empowering female youths and facilitating their transition into meaningful roles across industries. She highlighted the partnership’s potential to create a more inclusive and equitable talent market in Nigeria.

Both organizations are committed to maximizing the partnership’s impact and anticipate positive outcomes for females, businesses, and the overall job market in Nigeria.

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