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EduSpots Youth Ambassador Program 2024

EduSpots Youth Ambassador


The EduSpots Teenagers Ambassadors Programme spans six months and is designed to train dedicated and influential teenagers worldwide to champion, fundraise for, and gather resources supporting community-led, long-term educational transformation.


Youth Ambassadors will actively advocate for EduSpots’ mission online, within their networks, and on campus. They will engage in resource mobilization activities, lobby for EduSpots, and contribute to the organization’s revolutionary educational initiatives.

Structured with a curriculum aimed at enhancing skills, the program involves sharing EduSpots’ impact, work, and opportunities online, leading educational resource collections for existing Spots, promoting free online courses, organizing fundraising events, and delivering talks on EduSpots’ work to classmates, among other skill-related areas. The impact of the participants’ efforts will be tangible within EduSpots’ communities, emphasizing that the focus is not on creating new Spots or volunteering within existing ones.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be between 18 to 35 years old.
  • Education: Enrolled in or completed tertiary education.
  • Initiative and Leadership: Demonstrates the ability to initiate and lead resource collection or fundraisers for EduSpots.
  • Passion: Exhibits passion for education, volunteerism, and social change and development.
  • IT Skills: Proficient in IT skills, including familiarity with Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and social media.
  • Team Player: Strong ability to collaborate effectively within a team.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent writing and/or advocacy skills.
  • Design Skills: Canva design skills are desirable but not mandatory.
  • Time Commitment: Ability to commit 4 hours per week, spread across the week.


  • Becoming an EduSpots Youth Ambassador presents a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute meaningfully to the organization’s mission while fostering personal and professional growth.
  • In this fully remote and unpaid role, ambassadors will make a tangible impact and gain insights into education and development through firsthand access to inspirational stories from EduSpots’ active network of 250 volunteers in hard-to-reach communities.
  • Additional benefits include social media recognition, exclusive branded materials upon achieving key milestones, and complimentary access to online courses, among other perks.

Application Process:

This opportunity provides a chance to directly contribute to educational equity and serves as valuable work experience to enhance your CV. It offers an opportunity to gain experience in the charity and education sectors while collaborating with dedicated youth ambassadors from around the world.


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