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How to Meditate in 5 Minutes

A few days ago, a close friend made a post on Facebook that got me emotional.

In not so many words, he wrote:

“People are going through a lot in silence.”

Those words caught me because:

I’m going through a lot.

My friends are going through a lot.

My country Nigeria is going through a lot.

The world’s going through a lot.


It got me thinking…

Maybe all these going through a lot is the price we have to pay for living in an insanely connected world.

Maybe it’s the price we have to pay for having a faster world.

Maybe it’s the price we have to pay for having the ability to make more money in one day than our ancestors ever know in a lifetime.

All these results in depression, anxiety, pressure, and sadness.

Just this morning I was reading some reviews on some antidepressants. It turns out they’re one of the most dangerous substances consuming humans.

Most drug abuse result from an overdose, but antidepressants take a slightly different turn.

The problem with a lot of antidepressants is not when you overdose them, the problem starts when you feel you’re done injecting chemicals into your brain to make you happy and you decide to stop using them.

Anyway, that’s a discussion for another day…

But if you find yourself shuffling between depression, between anxiety, between going through a lot and not knowing how to hold still, 5 minutes of meditation a day can give you clarity.

I’ve been depressed. I’ve been out of depression. I’ve suffered from anxiety. I’ve lost control of my thoughts. Many of us have.

Between all of these, meditation is one of the exercises that helped keep my brain breathing.

Many of us think meditation is an overrated piece of sh*t, but it’s not. It works.

We have lost the ability to be in the present. We don’t know how to think about nothing. Our mind is constantly under the pressure of the world.

Meditation is like a cold shower for the mind. The 5 minutes you spend meditating is like 5 minutes off the world. You come back feeling light and happy.


Here’s how to Meditate in 5 minutes.


The first thing you should know about meditation is that it’s more about you telling yourself you want to meditate than the actual process of doing it.

The name meditation invokes calmness, spirituality, and focus in you.

Step 1: Get into the mood. Experts say you could meditate indoors, outdoor, or while in a taxi. The mindset is the most important.

Step 2: Fix yourself into a comfortable position. My favourite is kneeling down. You could meditate sitting, standing or lying down. But don’t fall asleep.

Step 3: Take a deep breath in. A deep breath brings you to the moment. It disarms your mind from wandering.

Step 4: Breath Out. Breath out at the same rate you breathe in. Doing so places your mind in equilibrium with your environment.

Step 5: Place Your Focus on Your Breathe. The goal of meditation is to tame your mind from wandering. Focusing on your breath does the magic for you.

Step 6: Close Your Eyes. Closing your eyes caps the magic. It takes you out of the world far into a universe where there’s just you and your breathe.

Step 7: Free Your Mind and Remain Focused on Your Breathe. Free your mind of any thought. Listen as air fills and escapes from your lung. Feel the air caress your face.

Step 8: Hold for 5 minutes. But don’t force. In trying to focus on your breath, your mind would wander. Don’t beat it. Just bring it back. It takes some time to be able to hold it.


How are you feeling?

Do you feel any better?

Meditation is not a pharmaceutical drug. It won’t automatically take away all your sorrows or strip you of depression.

Think of it like drinking water. It takes care of a lot of things in your body underground.

When it becomes a habit, you’d be glad it becomes a habit.

Try it.