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WTS Energy

WTS Energy specializes in delivering recruitment and manpower solutions to the worldwide oil, gas, and energy sectors. Our expertise lies in providing engineers and consultants for client projects and operations, along with comprehensive employment outsourcing services like workforce management in various oil and gas regions across the globe. With a global presence, WTS Energy operates in 14 countries and extends its services to over 50 countries, contributing to the success of projects in the dynamic energy industry.


Job Title: Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

Location: Nigeria
Employment Type: Full-time


  • Responsibilities encompass both primary General and Special duties as outlined below. Additionally, the OIM or any superior may delegate additional tasks for execution.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Accountable for the upkeep and restoration of all electronic and electrical equipment within the unit.
  • Aid in the maintenance and repair of various electronic and electrical systems, including:
  1. High and Low Voltage systems
  2. Safety and alarm systems
  3. Bridge equipment
  4. Radio Equipment
  5. Internal Communications equipment
  6. Steering systems
  7. Engine room equipment
  8. Generators and motors
  • Conduct routine safety/megger tests and checks on equipment as necessary.
  • Possess familiarity with the PTW Systems.


Certificates & Experience:

  • Electro-technical rating Certificate, STCW95 – Reg. III/7
  • Background in working on a Large crude carrier
  • Completion of approved seagoing service, including no less than 24 months of training and experience, or Completion of approved training, involving an approved period of seagoing service, not less than 12 months, or
  • No less than 12 months of approved period of seagoing service.
  • Meet the standards of competence specified in section A-III/7 of the STCW Code
  • Proficient in written and spoken English.


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Job Title: IT Officer

Location: Nigeria
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description

The IT Officer assumes responsibility for addressing the daily IT requirements of organizational users, providing essential support to the company’s computer environment and IT infrastructure. Operating within established methods and procedures, the employee exercises significant independent judgment in determining the appropriate course of action. Ensuring adherence to guidelines, methods, procedures, and organizational IT policies is a key aspect of the role.

Job Duties / Responsibilities / Accountabilities:

  • General Support
  • Offer guidance on optimal IT choices.
  • Provide technical support or training for systems and networks.
  • Act as a liaison between end users and high-level support, delivering Level 1 support.
  • Install and configure software and hardware, including printers and network cards.
  • Monitor system and network performance, conducting troubleshooting, repairs, and data restoration.
  • Perform maintenance activities such as backups, ensuring efficient backup infrastructure operation.
  • Maintain licenses and upgrade schedules.
  • Collaborate with professionals to uphold standards and functionality.
  • Manage network servers and technology tools.
  • Develop expertise to train staff on modern technologies.
  • Set up new user systems.
  • Repair faulty systems.
  • Conduct printer setup and troubleshooting.
  • Offer maintenance and support for servers.
  • Maintain a fault log.
  • Communication and Process: The IT Officer ensures effective communication and adherence to established processes throughout the execution of responsibilities.


  • Continuously and actively engage in learning and development activities to improve competence in functional areas.
  • Staying abreast of IT trends and best practices.
  • Possess ongoing affiliations with IT personnel in successful companies and organizations that practice effective IT Management

Job Specification

  • B.Sc / HND in Computer Science / Management Information System / Computer Engineering from an accredited university.
  • At least one of CCNA, MCP, MCTS, ITIL, MCSA, ECND
  • Minimum of two years experience in IT Minimum 1 year experience in a similar IT support role.

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Job Title: Junior Database Administrator

Location: Nigeria 

Job Objectives

A junior database administrator collaborates with the database administrator in crafting the design for database infrastructure while overseeing and resolving database system issues within a company or enterprise. Within this role, the focus is on enhancing the performance and efficiency of data storage and access systems.

Job Duties / Responsibilities / Accountabilities:

General Support:

  • Identify user needs and monitor user access and security.
  • Manage the database definition layer.
  • Assist in diagnosing application faults.
  • Load data into the system from flat files.
  • Execute periodic backup operations.
  • Investigate and troubleshoot issues with the Vantage Application.
  • Conduct daily system and database monitoring, ensuring the integrity of all server and Vantage Application resources, systems, and key processes.
  • Review system and application logs.
  • Analyze data to enhance overall efficiency and propose business opportunities based on analytics.
  • Minimize database downtime and optimize parameters for swift query responses.
  • Define users and facilitate data distribution to the appropriate users in a timely manner and suitable format.
  • Enforce, document, and determine database policies, procedures, and standards.
  • Conduct regular tests and evaluations to uphold data security, privacy, and integrity.
  • Monitor database performance, implement changes, and apply new patches and versions as needed.
  • Possess excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security, integrity, and proficiency in SQL, PLSQL, and MSSQL.


Key Performance Indicators / Performance Goals:

  • Infrastructure Availability (Infrastructure, Information systems, application)
  • Duration of Database and Application Downtime
  • Customer Satisfaction Level
  • Number of SQL Performance Tuning activities per quarter
  • Average Lead Time to Acknowledge and Respond to Help Desk Complaints (1st level support)
  • Average Response Time to Resolve Logged Complaints
  • Problem Detection Time
  • Backup Integrity
  • Number of Successful Backup Restore Operations per quarter
  • Development of Efficient and Concise Queries


  • B.Sc/HND in Computer Science/Management Information System/Computer Engineering from an accredited university.
  • Possession of at least one recognized professional certification: Oracle Database Administration (OCA, OCP), Linux RHCSA, RHCSE, LINUX+ CompTIA, LPIC-1: Linux Administrator.
  • Minimum of two years of experience in Systems/Database Administration.
  • Minimum of one year of experience in IT roles.


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