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She Made $200,000 Writing About Bizarre Fruits Online

She Made $200,000 Writing About Bizarre Fruits Online. Her 4-step Process Is Stupidly Simple

While many writers focused on creating content around popular topics like marketing, self-help, finance, writing, and blockchain, Abena focused on looking for tiny gaps in the content creation market.

She found one.

Writing about unpopular Bizarre fruits and vegetables.

She found that the internet was lean with information on some fruits and vegetables.

So, she decided to do them justice.

And of course, make some money.

Her idea was simple:

Look for fruits and vegetables with little content on the internet. Then create content around them.

The advantage is that the content you create will easily rank on Google because of the low competition.

And ranking on Google for anything is a goldmine. You’d make a ton of money if you know how to convert the traffic to money.

Abena is not new to the online game. So when her unpopular fruits articles began to rank, she knew what to do.


Here’s Her 4-Step Process for Converting Weird Fruits to Money.


#1 The Research

The first thing she does is research fruits and vegetables that are not so popular and with lean content on the internet. Aka low traffic keywords. 

This step is important because you don’t want to be caught in a deadly competition. You want something simple you can quickly rank for.  

Some of the fruits she wrote about include Durian Fruit, Star fruit, Custard Apple, Cucumber, Celeriac, and Kiwano fruit.

How many of the above have you heard of? Maybe Cucumber. 

These fruits are generally not popular. But when you go to places like Taiwan, bang.

Task 1: Find your fruit or veg.


#2 The Content

Next, she batch-creates content around the chosen fruits.

 What is batch content creation? 

It is when you create similar articles around a single topic. For instance, here are some of the articles she wrote on Kiwano fruit:

  • “10 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Kiwano Fruit”
  • “Kiwano Fruit: A Unique Addition to Your Diet”
  • “How to Grow Your Own Kiwano Fruit”
  • “Kiwano Fruit: The Perfect Summer Snack”
  • “Kiwano Fruit vs. Traditional Melons: What’s the Difference?”
  • “Kiwano Fruit: A New Superfood on the Block”
  • “From Africa to Your Plate: The Story of Kiwano Fruit”
  • “Kiwano Fruit Recipes: Sweet and Savory Ideas”
  • “Kiwano Fruit: A Great Source of Vitamins and Antioxidants”
  • “10 Fascinating Facts About Kiwano Fruit
  • “This Will Happen to Your Body if You Eat Kiwano Fruit Every Day”

Why is this important?

Because you want Google to see your site as an authority site on that topic. It helps you rank quickly. 

Task 2: Create as many articles around your chosen fruit. At least 40.


#3 The Distribution

After creating series of articles on the chosen fruit, she publish them on different platforms: Medium, her blog, Hub pages, and Vocal. 

She also creates short-form videos around the fruit and repurposes them on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. 

The idea is to give your articles wings to fly as far as possible. 

Task 3: Distribute your content on different platforms


#4 The Monetization

Now it’s time to make money from your hard work. 

Abena makes money from her fruits articles using three methods:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: She places affiliate links in her articles. She makes money when people buy things using her affiliate links
  2. Ebook: Aside the articles she published, she often creates ebooks on the fruit. She sells them on her website.
  3. Advert: She places Adsense and Mediavine ads on her blogs

In Conclusion

Even though a lot of people don’t make money online, it’s not as tedious as it seems. 

People jump from one idea to another. The secret to making money online is to find a strategy and work it out.

Abena made 200k dollars writing about weird unpopular fruits in 2022. She’s doing same in 2023.

Would you give this a trial?