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Tech Revolution Challenge: Sankalp Africa Summit 2024

Tech Revolution Challenge: Sankalp Africa Summit 2024

Embark on a journey of entrepreneurial innovation with Sankalp’s Hackathon, where you have the opportunity to passionately tackle critical global challenges.


This is your chance to create groundbreaking solutions for challenges such as transforming Agricultural Supply Chains, revolutionizing Energy Financing & Trading, providing AI-Based Career Counseling for Youth, advancing Maternal and Child Health in Africa, shaping Circular Futures through VR and AR, and safeguarding Lives and Habitats in the Face of Natural Calamities.

Why Participate:

  • Global Impact: Contribute to solutions that transcend borders and make a meaningful impact on a global scale.
  • Learning Opportunities: Immerse yourself in a learning experience where you can glean insights from impact unicorns and expand your skill set.

How to Apply: Complete the application form to be part of a dynamic community creating global solutions and learning from impactful unicorns!

About Sankalp Africa Summit:

The Sankalp Africa Summit is a catalytic event fostering collaborations within the entrepreneurial ecosystem to address global challenges sustainably. We firmly believe that entrepreneurs are pivotal in reshaping Africa’s economic landscape, enhancing opportunities, and uplifting millions of lives. Join us to cultivate relationships, uncover opportunities, explore sustainable development strategies, and establish unexpected alliances with new partners.


  • 2Days in-person summit

  • 1000 Delegates

    200+ Speakers

Deadline: Jan 28, 2024

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