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Meet the Best and Simplest CV Template You’ll Ever Use

Your current CV might be hurting your applications. Take a look at it: it’s old, boring, unappealing, and does not get you interviews. Get a better one.

It’s Stupidly Cheap

Listen to What Folks are saying about this CV template

You see, at Dixcover Hub, we run a small community of people who are mostly job seekers. Every now and then, someone would come along with teary eyes that they’ve been applying for jobs for years and no single interview. They’re about to give up.

After much interaction with such people, we found out that 90% of the time, their CV is the problem. So, over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of people fix their CV. But more and more people keep showing up with their CVs to be fixed.

That’s why we created this CV template to serve as a level playground for everyone who is desperately in need of  a job.

We didn’t expect most of the comments we got from people who bought the template:  

Many times, it is not your lack of experience, or lack of education or lack of technical know-how that cost you the job (How many jobs have you applied for which you’re very qualified but didn’t get?) It is your inability to convince recruiters that of all the thousands of applicants, you’re the very best.

Let’s change that

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How Did We Create this Masterpiece Template?

First, we spent several weeks collecting CVs that reportedly landed jobs at top companies like Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Intuit.

Then we studied the current trend and best practices for CV creation in 2023. For instance, your marital status, dob, primary education, gender and religion should not be in your CV no more.

Then with the help of AI, we use the winning CVs we collected to create an editable CV anyone anywhere can edit into their own masterpiece CV

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What’s So Remarkable About this Template?

Helps you beat ATS

Recruiters now use a piece of software called ATS to automatically screen out candidates. It’s possible that all these years, your CV has always been screened out. Following this editable template helps you beat ATS.

Upto Date with Best Practices

CV creation has evolved. But many people still do it the old way. For instance, your Dob, marital status, state of origin, sex and religion don’t have any business in your CV. With this template, you never have to worry about doing anything wrong. Why? Because the template takes care of everything for you.

Helps You create a tailored CV

A lot of people use one CV to apply for different roles. Doing so is a disaster. Recruiters expect you to submit a CV specifically tailored to the role you’re applying for. But who’s got that time? With this template, you’ll see how easy it is to tailor your CV for the specific role you’re applying for.

Helps you harness the power of JD

Many people don’t know it, but job descriptions are like giveaways to winning the job. But a lot of people ignore it. This template helps you harness the power of job description in landing the job.

Helps you stand out

The template is fresh, simple and straight to the point. It helps you stand out in a pool of other boring contemporary CVs.

Get the CV Template Here

With Just N1500, You could change your life

Getting this template will cost you only 1500 naira. That’s about the price of a good loaf of bread.

But then you don’t have to worry no more your CV not putting up a good fight for you.

The competition is tough. You can’t afford to mess up.

Get the CV Template Here